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Video of snowy biking, coyotes, school plays, and Hooligans FC.

Wouldn’t It Be Good

Video of Invermere and other summer stuff.


Video of stuff from early in the year. Biking, skating, eating, etc…

We Run

Video of front yard potato farming, baseball, and plenty more.

Children Of The Revolution

Video of items revolving.

Lay It On The Line

Video of a road trip to Vulcan as well as other summery type things.

Time (You and I)

Video of fun stuff in July.

Little Wing

Video of mushroom hunting, geodesic dome building, skateboarding, and some Bill Murrays.

A Fifth Of Beethoven

Video of rad skateboarding and other rad stuff.

Down Under

Video of stuff from the first part of the year. There’s a special treat at the very end if you’re a KISS fan.

The Spirit Of Radio

Video about dragon tattoos, jedi lamps, frisbee, biking, scooting, birthdays, ball hockey, ranch animals, and backyard parties.

Smooth Operator

Red Headed Stranger


I’m Straight


99 Luftballons

Jungle Man

Phone Photos 2015 (Elliot)

The Passenger

Phone Photos 2014 (Elliot)

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