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Babe Ruth AAA – Longhorns v Dawgs Black

Photos of the Babe Ruth AAA Longhorns playing the Okotoks Dawgs Black squad.

Babe Ruth League – Lugnuts v Flying Squirrels

Photos of Lugnuts versus Squirrels.

Looking For The Summer

Video of birthdays, baseball, frisbee, and other summery things.

Babe Ruth League – Lugnuts v Seawolves & Trappers

Photos of Lugnuts versus Seawolves and Trappers.

Hooligans Game Day

Photos of the Hooligans Frisbee Club (by Cory Krygier)


Video of snowy biking, coyotes, school plays, and Hooligans FC.

Time with Sammy (Part VI)

We talk about how he met and married his wife, Dinna, and how I was born, in 1971.

The Night Owls

Video of badminton, arcade sticks, hockey, and snowy trips.

Time with Sammy (Part V)

We talk about his time in university and how he meets my mom, Dinna, on a blind date.

CAA Badminton Tourney

Photos of a CAA badminton tournament.

Red Sector A

Video of minor hockey week, basketball, and snowboarding.

Time with Sammy (Part IV)

We talk his time in the Soviet army and his weightlifting career. Sammy also goes AWOL, for a spell.

Time with Sammy (Part III)

We talk about his adventures in technical college (high school), skating, smoking, and learning how to drink vodka.

Home Portraits

Photos from around the house.

Time with Sammy (Part II)

Sammy tells stories of how his parents, Yuri and Peysa, met after WWII and what followed.

Time with Sammy (Part I)

In this episode, I have a conversation with Sammy, my father. This is the first part in a series of episodes that covers the history of Sammy’s family, spanning from before The Great War (WWI) to present day. This episode… Continue Reading →

Royal Oak Hockey Tournament

Photos of the Royal Oak Hockey Tournament.

Broken English

Video of frozen ponds, basketball, shinny, and snowboarding.

Wolverines Hockey

Photos of the U15 Wolverines.

CAA Ball Hockey Tournament

Photos of the CAA Ball Hockey Tournament.

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