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Video of dogs, fallen birds, bikes, frisbees, drones, and The Mackies from June 2023.

Ripken June Baseball

Video of Cal Ripken summber ball and Helena tournament.

Tinseltown On The High Line

Video of puppies, shootouts, and snowy days.

Your Party

Video of hockey, ham parties, and puppies.

Showdown Juniors Frisbee Tournament

Photos of the Showdown Juniors Frisbee Tournament. Tournament Winners – Cannons North Congratulations to our Cannons North team for winning the club/overall title and going undefeated.  


Video of stuff from early in the year. Biking, skating, eating, etc…

Songs Of Yesterday

Video of baseball, bikes, and BBQ’s.

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler

Video of baseball, cats, bikes, and dirt.

Ghost Town

Video of stuff, most notably a home-made zamboni.

The Magnificent Moon

A video of December winter stuff, including my first ever back-yard ice rink.

I Did It For Love

Video of sparks and lake trips.

Winding Me Up

Video of shinny, home projects, and a bunch of other stuff.

Winter Is Coming Frisbee

Photos of the “Winter Is Coming” ultimate frisbee tournament. Photos by Sammy.

Showdown Frisbee

Photos of the Calgary Showdown Juniors Ultimate Frisbee Tournament at Glenmore Athletic Park.

A Fifth Of Beethoven

Video of rad skateboarding and other rad stuff.

Dancing In The Moonight

Video of skateboarding and some snowy snow.

The Lake

Photos of The Lake.

Watching Baseball At Evan’s

Photos of watching The World Series at Evan’s.


Video of summery stuff, including trips to Fernie and Vancouver.

Bye Bye Bluebird

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