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Royal Oak Hockey Tournament

Photos of the Royal Oak Hockey Tournament.

Wild West End

Video of spring stuff.


Video of stuff from early in the year. Biking, skating, eating, etc…

Sign Of The Gypsy Queen

Video of frisbee, hockey, ice walks, and turkeys.

Saints vs Rockies

Photos of a hockey game.

Ramone’s Ball Hockey Birthday Party

Photos of Ramone’s Ball Hockey Birthday Party.

Claresholm Hockey Tournament

Photos of Ramone’s Saints Major Novice 2 team at the Claresholm Hockey Tournament.

ICA Shinny

Photos of Ramone at the ICA outdoor ice rink.

Hockey in the Fall

Photos of Ramone playing hockey in the fall. More at photos.elliotnegelev.com.

Arc Of A Diver

Video of skiing, spring snow, ice walks, and rolling a snowball up a hill.

Doctor My Eyes

Video of snow, ice, baking, and shelving.

Aimer D’amour

Video of art galleries, birthdays, and snowy icy winter fun.


Phone Photos 2017

Photos from Elliot’s phone in 2017.


To Leave Something Behind

Tiny Sticks

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