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Millennium Skate Park

Photos of Ramone at the Millennium Skate Park, doing rad tricks on his bike and scooter.

Smooth Operator

What A Good Boy

The Price


Rolling Down To Old Maui

Red Headed Stranger

Forever Young

Phone Photos 2016 (Elliot)

Photos from Elliot’s phone in 2016.

I’m Straight

2015 5D Photos

PHotos from 2015 taken with the 5D.

Phone Photos 2015 (Elliot)

Have A Cigar


Scoot to Cochrane

Scoot to Cochrane with Gian-Carlo, Amber, Nat Waller, and Elliot. August 2008 on a 1986 Honda Elite 250 and Honda Helix.

Vanessa and Taz

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