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Video of dogs, fallen birds, bikes, frisbees, drones, and The Mackies from June 2023.

RMLL Summer AA Rose Scrimmage

Photos of the RMLL Summer AA Majors All-Stars practicing with the AAA Minors at Rose.

RMLL Majors Fall AA All-Stars v Cal West

Photos of a double header between RMLL Fall AA vs Cal West.

Sultans Of Swing

Video of the start of a back yard rink and steam room, plus a bunch of other stuff.

Sign Of The Gypsy Queen

Video of frisbee, hockey, ice walks, and turkeys.

Stanley Park Shinny

Photos of shinny at Stanley Park.

Winding Me Up

Video of shinny, home projects, and a bunch of other stuff.


Video of summery stuff, including trips to Fernie and Vancouver.

The Body Electric

Video of projects and lots of hockey.

Waiting On A Friend

Video of wintery things and various parks.

Old Roads Of Home

Video of diving, swimming, hockey, shinny, roller skating, and tobogganing.

Frisbee 2001


Various frisbee slides from 1998.

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