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Tinseltown On The High Line

Video of puppies, shootouts, and snowy days.

Time (You and I)

Video of fun stuff in July.

Wheeler Hut

Photos from the Wheeler Hut Snowshoeing trip.

Masoko Tanga

Video of a snowshoeing trip to Wheeler Hut in Rogers Pass.


Assiniboine Trip

Photos from a three day trip to Mount Assiniboine. Link to Vlad’s photos from the trip on Flickr.

Red Headed Stranger



On The Radio

Once Upon A Time In The West

99 Luftballons

Wheat Kings

A video of the kings of wheat.

Cruel Summer

Ramone goes to the beach and other stuff.


Ramone and Tanis play at the Nelly Breen playground. Vlad, Lindsay, and Dustin come to visit. Ramone and Tanis go to Prince’s Island Park during Canada Day.

Dancing In The Dark

Some dancing happens here.

Billie’s Jeans

A very watchable video.

Little Man Video


Video of a bunch of Antics from 2009.

The Boys at The Shuswap

Some Peeps

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