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Looking For The Summer

Video of birthdays, baseball, frisbee, and other summery things.

Broken English

Video of frozen ponds, basketball, shinny, and snowboarding.

Wild West End

Video of spring stuff.

Heart Of The City

Video of Cash, snowboarding, and hockey.

Computer Liebe

Video of tig, bike rides, and Cal Ripken baseball.

Ain’t No Half Steppin’

Video of a hike to Chester Lake, some baseball, and other summery things.

You Can Do Magic

Video of baseball, bikes, and bbq.

Swingin Party

Video of stuff from April. Baseball starts as does Jenga. Feeding birds in Fish Creek.


Video of stuff from early in the year. Biking, skating, eating, etc…

Wish I Could Fly

Video of stuff from November and December.

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