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Wouldn’t It Be Good

Video of Invermere and other summer stuff.


Video of dogs, fallen birds, bikes, frisbees, drones, and The Mackies from June 2023.


Video of birthday parties, baseball, and soggy dogs.

Ramone’s Birthday Fun

Photos of Ramone’s birthday party.

Computer Liebe

Video of tig, bike rides, and Cal Ripken baseball.

Swingin Party

Video of stuff from April. Baseball starts as does Jenga. Feeding birds in Fish Creek.

Lay It On The Line

Video of a road trip to Vulcan as well as other summery type things.

Blame It On Brian

Video of tree climbing, river splashing, bike riding, delicious eating, and a bass guitar.

One Day In Your Life

Video about geese, backyard farming, bikes, ice, corks, sawing and frisbees.

Living On Video

Video of skateboarding, biking, wet suits, paddleboarding, and hair cuts.

Careless Whisper

Video of the kinds of things you’d expect to happen in October.

What A Good Boy

Some Other Time


Tryouts For The Human Race

Forever Young

Ramone, Sammy & Dinna in Fish Creek

Photos from Fish Creek Park.

The Passenger

I Wish

Video of all sorts of fun stuff.

Don’t Stop Me Now

Weak Become Heroes

Video of the weak becoming heroes.

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