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Ramone In The Fall

Photos from Pearce Estate Park.

The Heart Of Saturday Night

Video of swings, bikes, skipping stones, playgrounds, homework, visiting cats, first hockey season, and the start of throwing forehands.

Four Strong Winds

Video of fall paddling, bikes, school, and skating at the oval.

Around The House

Photos of mostly Ramone and Elliot around the house.

For What It’s Worth

Video of biking and paddle boarding, as well as Ramone’s first day of grade two.

Millennium Skate Park

Photos of Ramone at the Millennium Skate Park, doing rad tricks on his bike and scooter.

Smooth Operator

What A Good Boy

The Price


Assiniboine Trip

Photos from a three day trip to Mount Assiniboine.

Red Headed Stranger

Ramone’s 7th Birthday Party

Photos of Ramone’s 7th birthday party.

Some Other Time

Revival Time





Florida Swimming

Photos of swimming in Florida.

To Leave Something Behind

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