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The Twilight Zone

The Kid Is Hot Tonite

Cruel Summer

Ramone goes to the beach and other stuff.

Ramsay Swing and Nellie Breen


Ramone and Tanis play at the Nelly Breen playground. Vlad, Lindsay, and Dustin come to visit. Ramone and Tanis go to Prince’s Island Park during Canada Day.

Major Tom

This is Major Tom. It’s a fan favourite.

Bikes and Walks

Write something short here, will you.


There might be some walking in this movie.

New Order

This video is about a bunch of stuff, including bucket rides.

Dancing In The Dark

Some dancing happens here.


There is a bit of bike riding here. Much of it was shot on a GoPro camera.


Heart Of Gold

Some things happen in this movie.

Puerto Vallarta 2010

Ramone’s first trip to Mexico.

The Moose

Ramone’s first bike rides.



Here Again

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Little Man Video

Ramone Video

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